Books currently available:

The Donut Theory — Incidents from the Church Office: $10.00 plus postage
Humble Beginnings — 365 Meditations: $10.00 plus postage
More Humble Beginnings — 365 Meditations: $10.00 plus postage
Even More Humble Beginnings — 365 Meditations: $10.00 plus postage
Souly-4-You — 365 Meditations: $10.00 plus postage
From My Heart and Soul — 365 Meditations: $10.00 plus postage
A Lenten Journey to the Cross Daily Meditation: $5.00 plus postage (Compilation by the People of Peace Lutheran, Peoria, AZ)
An Advent Journey to the Manger: $5:00 plus postage (Compilation by the People of Peace Lutheran Church, Peoria, AZ)
Daily Journey to the Cradle and the Cross: $5.00 plus postage (Meditations for Advent and Lent)
101 Meditation Moments: $5.00 plus postage
Dare to Walk with Me–100 Meditation Moments: $5.00 plus postage
Dare to Grow with Me–Meditations: $5.00 plus postage
Coming in the fall of 2022: Dare to Soar With Me — 100 Meditation Moments: $5.00 plus postage

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Note: Books are sent directly from Snowfall Press. Generally, you can get two to four books in a Priority Mailing envelope for the same postage as for one book. Contact me to order a book(s) and I will give you the postage details. Printing and shipping takes seven to ten days.

Spirit-filled writing …

I didn’t know I could write until one day when the Holy Spirit nudged me. During the time I served in the church office, I sought articles or books about working in the church office that would give me a spiritual boost. I didn’t realize at the time that book would come from me.

After winning a spot on the Guidepost Writer’s Workshop, and being published in the August 2007 edition of the magazine, I felt confident that God was calling me to write inspirations in a meditative style for church secretaries and other administrators in the church office.

In 2008 I wrote one book, Incidents from the Church Office. The next year I wrote book II, and then III. After receiving good feedback, I put all three of the books into The Donut Theory–Inspiration for the Church Office.

God blessed me to continue writing meditations, and I’ve self-published over a dozen books which I’d like to share with you–either as a single message or through one of my publications described in the BOOKS section of my blog.

I pray you will find something within my writing to lift your spirits, give you a sense of peace, or to inspire you to further your growth as a Christian.